Bhavana & Will Tuladhar-Douglas
Bhavana & Will Tuladhar-Douglas

Bhavana & Will Tuladhar-Douglas

On Bhavana & Will's contribution

First contact after the Blank Days / Delegation from Kathmandu

What does the world look like after a decade-long, widespread ecological, political, economic, and social collapse – the Blank days? A delegation from Nepal reaches Munich after months of travel by airship caravan and years of no contact. They share their indigenous community knowledge in order to help develop a sustainable society.

Bhavana & Tuladhar-Douglas presents his work on day 2 of T2051MCC. On this day it is assumed that global heating has remained below 1.5°C.

Some background on Bhavana & Will

Situgyan Consulting is Bhavana Tuladhar-Douglas and Will Tuladhar-Douglas.

Situgyan Consulting Ltd. is driven by research and led by values.

Bhavana (M.Res, Anthropology, Aberdeen) is an Indigenous activist born in Kathmandu, Nepal, who studies heritage and cultural survival.

Will (D.Phil, Asian Studies, Oxford) is a professor who works between classical texts, ethnography, and ecology.

As a team, we ‘see with two eyes’, using a both-and approach to build synergies from complementary approaches such as local/cosmopolitan, social/ecological, dis/ability, or biodiversity/livelihoods.

twitter: @situgyanltd

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