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General information

This particular site remains online solely for the purposes of documentation.

We want you to get an idea of how the conference was presented and accessible. So everything downsite from here remains the old site. Enjoy browsing!



T2051MCC is for everybody.

When you visit T2051MCC you enter an arts project. You will be at an academic conference. You will be somewhere between 2051 and today. And you will be most welcome. T2051MCC is open to the general public.

Admission is free. You don’t need to buy a ticket. Actually, you can’t buy a ticket. T2051MCC is free of admission. To visit T2051MCC at the Bellevue di Monaco in Munich, you will need to make a reservation.

T2051MCC Guide

Make the most of your T2051MCC experience and plan your participation with our T2051MCC guide.

On-site participation

Attend T2051MCC at the Bellevue di Monaco

Come to the Bellevue di Monaco in Munich and experience T2051MCC. For the conference, artist Susi Gelb has transformed the Bellevue you might know into a whole different place. Attend sessions, meet scholars and other visitors or just enjoy the lovely Café. At times you might encounter a group of performers that somehow made it through time tunnels and seek orientation.

Please note: registration is recommended. Due to Covid restrictions, only a limited number of people will be able to attend the sessions in the rooms at the Bellevue di Monaco. Therefore, we recommend that you register for the sessions you plan to attend. Should there be free seats left, we will of course allow spontaneous visits.
To sign up just navigate to the session you want to visit and click the “Reserve your on-site ticket here”-button at the bottom of the page.

Online participation

Watch the live streams or visit the hubs

Online participation is equally valued. We are not just saying that, we mean it. Therefore, we are streaming all sessions. We also created virtual 3D spaces – the hubs – that we highly recommend to try out. You will be able to ask questions via cameras in the hubs, through the comment sections, or via twitter. Our T2051MCC guide explains how it works.

To enter the hubs, visit the portal. To watch live streams, navigate to the respective session.


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