Stefanie Börsig
Stefanie Börsig

Stefanie Börsig

On Stefanie's contribution

Rehab Republic, FutureCamp Climate, Omnicert

T2051MCC Zero Waste and Climate Neutrality Concept

Some background on Stefanie

rehab republic e.V., Munich

Growing up on a farm, Steffi learned to live in harmony with nature, to appreciate and care for it. It was only logical that she wanted to pass on the message and also include it in her professional life. Steffi studied economics and sustainability as well as business ethics in Stuttgart, Istanbul and Dresden and has already gained a lot of practical experience. Always driven by the will to do something good for the world, she has been involved in student environmental organisations and supported refugees in their job search. She has also developed integrity trainings for employees at Daimler AG and set up a sustainability platform at Sparda-Bank München.

Since last year, Steffi has been putting her energy into rehab republic, where she is responsible for zero waste projects. For example, she is supporting the city of Munich on its way to becoming a zero waste city. For this purpose, she is developing a Zero Waste concept for Munich with other partners – a good exercise to now create the Zero Waste concept for the Clima Conference 2051. For more information check and You can find Stefanie on facebook and instagram

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