Matti Goldberg
Matti Goldberg

Matti Goldberg

On Matti's contribution

Lost in the nexus?: The integration-fragmentation of global climate governance in 2015-2045

‘Nexification’ is understood as a tendency to seek connections. Goldberg witnesses that in 2015-2045, the more connected things became, the less responsible key-actors in the realm of climate change felt to change. Based on actual interviews with international civil servants and secondary literature, this study describes the intensified nexification of global climate governance in 2015-50.

Matti Goldberg presents his work on day 2 of T2051MCC. On this day it is assumed that global heating has remained below 1.5°C.

Some background Matti

Technical University of Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Matti comes from Finland and studied international relations, environmental studies and social anthropology at the Universities of Munich, Glasgow and Alicante. Since 2008 he has been a part of a community of professionals helping the governments of the world develop global climate change agreements, including the Paris Agreement of 2015. Since 2017, he is working on a PhD project on the efforts to link climate change and security policy. The project has triggered a broader interested of studying the formation of “nexuses” of issues in international politics. He lives in Bonn, Germany with his wife and two young children. On his rather limited spare time, he practices jazz piano, runs, and tries to indoctrinate his children to love the Beatles.

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