Witchgrass – Soundspiels
Witchgrass – Soundspiels

Witchgrass – Soundspiels

On Witchgrass

Witchgrass Live in ITD – Showroom of Contemporary Sound 06/05/2017 Zagreb

Witchgrass uses fragments of narratives and the diary of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, and deals with questions of the female body in zero gravity, the condition of organic and the inorganic on the planet and beyond. Time, its expansion and its appearance in meteorology, geology, biology. The project uses field recordings, electronic music, video and film archives, and original text by Nicole Hewitt. Recorded live in Theatre ITD, Zagreb, as part of the Showroom of Contemporary Sound, 2017.

Some background Soundspiels

Soundspiels / Studio Pangolin

Soundspiels is an audio visual collective based in Zagreb, Croatia performing and recording hybrid forms often connected to walking, the landscape, dreams, political and natural histories and futures. (visual artist Vida Guzmić, filmmaker and writer Nicole Hewitt, media and sound artist Ivan Slipčević, sometimes appearing as Vida Gee, Nicky Speaks and Eclipse). We are part of a larger artist run organization based in Zagreb Studio Pangolin.

Find sudio pangolin on soundcloud, instagram @studio_pangolin and facebook.

Mutation Rate as Depicted by “Alternative Outlets” vs. Number of Contradictions Mutation Rate as Depicted by “Alternative Outlets” vs. Number of Contradictions