Claudia Robles-Angel
Claudia Robles-Angel

Claudia Robles-Angel

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Inspired by the composite plant of lichen (from Greek: leikhēn)which is the result of a hybrid partnership between a fungus and an alga. The installation is therefore a reflection upon the interaction and mutualistic relationship between two organisms, and how this union impacts on their behaviours inside a created audiovisual immersive space.

The installation consists basically of two types of participants: the central figure or host, sitting in the middle of the panoramic video space, whose brainwaves’ values are collected via a BCI interface in order to influence the sonic environment; the second type of participant is represented by the guest(s), visitors who, by touching the screens, influence the host’s emotional states through to the tactile transducers that are attached to the chair where the host is seated and consequently, also the audiovisual environment.

Created for and during an artist in residence at the Immersive Lab (IL) at ICST (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology) Zurich.

Some background on Claudia

Audiovisual and New Media Artist

Claudia Robles-Angel is a new media and sound artist born in Bogotá-Colombia, currently living in Cologne-Germany and active worldwide. Her work and research cover different aspects of visual and sound art, which extend from audio-visual fixed media compositions to performances and installations interacting with biomedical signals via the usage of interfaces such as, for example, the BCI (Brain Computer Interface) measuring brain waves activity.

She has been artist-in-residence  in several outstanding institutions, for example at ZKM Karlsruhe (DE), KHM Cologne (DE), at the ICST  – Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technologies ZHdK Zurich (CH),  at CMMAS – Mexican Center for the Music and the Soundarts Morelia (MX) and at the Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen NRW (DE).

Her work is constantly featured in not only media and sound-based festivals/conferences but also in group and solo exhibitions around the globe, for example, the ZKM Center in Karlsruhe; KIBLA Multimedia Centre in Maribor, Bauhaus Museum für Gestaltung Berlin, the International Computer Music Conferences ICMC in Copenhagen, Montréal and Utrecht; Festival Internacional de la Imagen in Manizales, ESPACIO Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, DRHA2010 Sensual Technologies London, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival NYCEMF; SIGGRAPH Asia in Yokohama; Re-New Festival Copenhagen; New Interfaces for Musical Expression NIME Oslo; ISEA Istanbul, Manizales, Durban and Gwangju, at 55th Venice Biennale Prohelvetia – Salon Suisse, Audio Art Festival Cracow, CMMR Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research Plymouth and Marseille, at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center New York City, Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá, MADATAC 07 Madrid, IK Stichting Vlissingen, Digitale Duesseldorf, the Athens Digital Art Festival ADAF, HEROINES OF SOUND Berlin, Experimental Intermedia New York City, CMMAS and Radio UNAM Mexico, RE:SOUND Festival and MAH Aalborg, Electromuseum Moscow, Museo de Antioquia Medellín and more recently at Kunst-station Sankt Peter Cologne.

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