Adenike Oladosu
Adenike Oladosu

Adenike Oladosu

Some background on Adenike


Adenike Oladosu, who calls herself an “eco-feminist”, is passionate about youth involvement in climate action through climate education; and the importance of women’s rights which she links with environmental rights. Born in Nigeria, Oladosu earned a first-class degree in Agricultural Economics and is an ambassador for Earth Uprising and African Youth Climate Hub, an initiative of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. She is also head of the “ILeadClimate” movement for peace, security and equality in Africa, particularly in the Lake Chad region. As part of the “Fridays For Future” (FFF) movement in Nigeria, she shared in the 2019 Ambassador of Conscious award by Amnesty International to Greta Thunberg and the FFF movement in recognition of the youth fight for climate justice.

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